Spring Break 2012 [1 of 3]

Hi. I have 3 parts to summerize my California Spring Break. It was a full week. All photos were taken with my IPod Touch 4th Generation. I am mushing my vacation together in 3 posts. This should go well. Lets begin.

I went to The M Street in Santa Monica.

It was very dark so any other pictures were awful. It was very loud and… trendy. A wine tasting party was going on in a roped off area in the corner. I was unbashfully people watching.

I went to Crumbs Bake Shop in Hollywood.

See that last pic? Not mine. It is there to show you how good their advertising is! I found it here. It was delicious. I got a basic cupcake because I was craving oreos. As I think back, I should have gotten a more complicated one because I might not get another chance. Unless I want to order online. But if you do get the opportunity to go, the oreo one tastes ah-maze-ing.

I went to Vanilla Bakery back in Santa Monica.

There cupcakes were a disappointment after going to Crumbs. I got Fluer De Sel, Banana Chocolate, and Black & White. Ugh. I want my Cookies N Creme from Crumbssss.

I went to Pinkberry in Santa Monica.

The first picture was taken at night while the second one was in the afternoon. Yup, I went back. This Pinkberry and The Vanilla Bakery are in the Promenade. I have never been to a Pinkberry before. We have a Yogen Fruz where I live. Oh my god. Pinkberry has so many more options. I got Peach and Lychee frozen yogurt twist with coconut flakes, oreo cookie crumbs, and mini chocolate chips for toppings. Ahhhhh. Sooo gooood. The frozen yogurt tasted amazing.