Day 3 of Pending-Vegetarian Diary

I am a bit overwhelmed by ingredients. I look at something, lets say umm a bag of chips, and if I turn it over and look at the ingredients, I have no idea was most of the stuff is. That scares me now. How do I know what ingredient is a animal product? I guess I will have to learn…. slowly. And half of me doesn’t want to know because what if it is something so disgusting I want to throw up?

The good thing is I love learning about nutrition. I soak up the information like a sponge. It intrigues me. Except when I find out something that is pure revolting to me.

Sooooo….. about meat….. and seafood… I don’t crave meat yet. Which is good, of course. I am thinking about cutting seafood. I want to have a lil seafood binge before though. Yes I know that will make it harder to give it up, but I haven’t had any fish in two or three weeks so just letting go of any chance of eating it again without saying goodbye saddens me. I need to say my goodbyes people! My day could be:
Breakfast: salmon & cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel
Lunch: assorted fish sushi
Dinner: fancy tilapila & scallops & shrimp (woohoo)

I am going to fast. I understand that. God, I am not even a official vegetarian yet! So this lil seafood binge is going to be in May, July, or even farther away. I am going too fast because my research makes me want to jump right into being a freaking vegan. But I can’t. Right now, I have to learn about ingredients.