About Jessica

Hi. I’m Jessica and I run a blog that is full of everything fattening (kind of). YOLO. I am in a relationship with Sugar and Butter is my best friend. I love yoga.

Claimed URL: April 15, 2012

First Post: April 22, 2012

Quality > Quantity

I’m a teenager and in school. Yes I know I am not telling you my age. You might have picked up on that.  I am not being sneaky about it. I have some Internet smarts (I would like to hope) that I don’t post pictures of me, say where I live (USA), or say my age. But you can be certain my age is between the teen years: 13-19. Is a 19-year-old considered a teen? Eh. 13-18. Something that Mama K – my Mom – (repeats her rules of the Internet weekly) couldn’t completely approve of is me telling you my real name, Jessica.

If you are talented in creating headers, I would love for your help! If you have a blog, twitter, facebook or some other social networking site, I will put one of those in my faqs (coming soon) as credit. As you can see, it is blurry and just words on one of my post’s pictures. Email me @ basicallyabaker@gmail.com.

The purpose of this blog is to put my camera to use and to expand my baking/cooking horizons. I adapt most of the recipes so you can’t get my edits anywhere else. Please do not steal my adapted recipes without giving credit to me. The same goes for my pictures. Credit credit credit.

I am not professional in any way other than I have been complimented on my photography (Not food related pictures so this is a challenge) and when I cook or bake….. in my kitchen…. not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. I do plan on making this a career when I get older. Encouragement and advice will make my day (as long as it is constructive and not rude).




constructing  or tending to construct;  helping to improve;promoting further
development or advancement ( opposed to destructive): constructive criticism.


And basically, I’m a  baker.

(I had to say it)

Ps: I would love it if you posted your opinion of my blog in the comment section in this page.



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