Spring Break 2012 [2 of 3]

Woohoo! Part 2 of 3! Almost over! Eh, let us continue.

I went to Universal Studios. 

The first one relates to the argument I had with Little Animal – my younger brother. Universal Sudios has Woody Woodpecker all over in cardboard cutouts pointing the way and saying the height you have to be to go on the ride. I won saying that it was Woody, and found proof! Yea, it wasn’t the biggest of accomplishments. I also had a apple danish/macaroon lunch at the International Cafe there. Dessert (can I still call it that if my lunch was desserts?) was Ben & Jerry’s two scoop of Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz and Milk & Cookies. I pick the weirdest combos.

I went to Lush in Santa Monica.

I have never been to a LUSH store. I have been to their website, though. It smelled so delicious (the store). I think the workers knew that I was new because of my expressions. I was smiling and giggling and sniffing the air very noticeably…. until I tried to shop. There was so many things. The shampoos all looked the same in black containers! The things for your bath water were all shapes, sizes, and colors. Apparently you have to find what is right for you. And everything was so expensive! The workers were nice. They helped me out. I just got a BB Seaweed face mask (tried it out at home, made me look like a pale ghost with pieces of seaweed stuck on my face), a chocolate lip scrub, and a whole lot of samples. I will attack the shampoo section online another time.



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