Day 1 of Pending-Vegetarian Diary

I will not consider myself a vegetarian until July 24th 2012. That is 3 months from now, April 24th. I won’t officially be a vegetarian (in my own eyes) until I pass a quarter of a year being one. I am starting a little diary of that time. My writing of it doesn’t have to be constant, but my vegetarian-ness does. I heard that the first month is the worst. That it is when you are craving meat the most. I thought it might be fun to read about my withdrawals. If I rant on and on about how much I want meat one day, I will be so ashamed.

Why am I becoming a Vegetarian? I don’t like animal cruelty. I feel very strongly when someone says “They’re just animals!” or something in which someone calls someone an ‘animal’ in a bad tone. There is two categories of what you can be: animal or plant. So, um, you actually are an animal anyways. I can eat plants because we aren’t in the same category. But I don’t think I could eat animals because we are in the same category.

I might be looking at this whole vegetarian thing in the wrong way, but this is how I see it. Oh god. I could never eat a McDonalds or Burger King burger. I think I could be sick to my stomach. When I was little I couldn’t care less what was on my plate. But now it disgusts me. Ooh. Did you see McDonalds new commercial? It was about how a little goat was eating the wrong things and than it ate a happy meal and got all strong. They specifically didn’t mention the chicken nuggets or burger in the happy meal that could make you fat. They did however mention the apple fries (which are just an option!) and milk (which wasn’t chocolate in the commercial). I see what they are doing. The places that are even worst to me (I couldn’t even eat there as a kid) are Arby’s, Taco Bell, Johnny Rockets, and In And Out Burger. The list could go on and on with all those fast food places.

I am not sure about fish. And all other seafood. I like those way more than meat. But I don’t like fish farms. I guess I could go with organic. Maybe. Is that not allowed or something? I guess just once in a while. I know that salmon has healthy fats. Eh.



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